A1 Perill - Sumatriptan
A2 Perill - Sumatriptan (Lewski Remix)
B1 Perill - Along the Jeker Riverbanks (feat. henna.essa)
B2 Perill - Stuck in Limbo

Perill’s been a fan of his own work for quite some time now, and so have we, so we're over the moon to give birth to our debut EP together. Two post avant-garde neo-acid micro electro originals with the running theme being Perill’s own medicinal trackrecord. "Nourishment for a brain like mine can rarely be found in dance music… so I really surprised myself with these tracks” (Perill, Vrijthof Maastricht, 2020).

The Sumatriptan package also comes with a brain bashing remix by Lewski and a deep 'n dreamy late night riverbank soundtrack featuring henna.essa (ganggang) on the flip. Get your prescription now.