PMX017 | Ben Fata
What better way to start of the new year than with a trippy mix from the unicorn adoring, rainbow shitting, fairy loving and former bossman of the brick and mortar store: Ben Fata. It might have taken a while before he had his first appearance on the series, but it’s like the saying goes: “all good things take time”. Drummy drummy goodness coming straight at you!

PMX016 | Newborn Jr.
The next Junior on our roster is the Newborn one and represents 50% of the Polish duo Private Press. He might be newborn but he has been on a tear lately with releases on famous labels like Phonica Records, Echovolt, Dopeness Galore amongst others. It’s cold outside so get warmed up by the heat of this mix. This is Newborn Jr.

PMX015 | Trevor Deep Jr.
Trevor Deep Jr. provided us with a mix that closely correlates to their name. This mix portrays an extended variety of deep, from ambient all the way to jungle. Be sure to check out their HPTY recordings for more of their deep outings..

PMX014 | Ebende
After a short break we’re back with another PMX and we’re starting off with an emerging mix by another genius from the Swedish Aniara Recordings stable: Ebende. He banged onto the scene with his debut EP ‘BANG!’ on Aniara and he recently shared a split EP with Matinda on Soul X Tension. This guy’s talent oozes all throughout his dazzling mix, consisting solely of his own productions.

PMX013 | Lewski 
Lewski has been making quite the name for himself in 2018. With Ben UFO rinsing his first release heavily and with another highly anticipated release coming on Or:la’s new label, it’s safe to say that he is amongst the rising stars of the Dutch (electro) scene. You can find some of his unreleased music buried in the mix – keep an eye on this one!

PMX012 | Tommen
First PMX of 2k19 by our very own Tommen. The curator behind our PMX series, and the one true vinyl apostle, blesses us with a deep, quality mix that is dripping with well sought after records and smooth transitions. Keeping the energy level growing for over an hour, this is “world famous dj in Maastricht”: Tommen.

PMX011 | SJ Tequilla
Always end the year with a bang! SJ Tequilla comes through with a deep funky banger of a mix. Sit back, relax, have a few shots of tequila and get this party started.

PMX010 | Birds ov ParadiseWe at Plata sure love us some Scandinavian electronic music. Next one in line of the Scandinavian connection is Birds ov Paradise. This guy has been on a roll lately and has been releasing some seriously stunning EP’s on Aniara Recordings and Hypnus Records. This one goes in deep!

PMX009 | Frazer CampbellHe goes by the name of Frazer Campbell, runs the outstanding elliot.project. label, and has one of the best beards in the business. This high octane house mix is filled with gems, what a delight to the ears.

PMX008 | henna.essa
Designer, producer, art aficionado, digger, multifaceted store-employee henna.essa delivers a mix that breaks beauty. Try to keep up with this guy as he is co-owner of the Konstrukt label, trackdesigner at Bonnie (apart from his own moniker), and might just be in the works of something utterly amazing with the Plata Crew. This is henna.essa… nothing more , nothing lessa.

PMX007 | Mihail P
Mihail P’s latest release was a real ear-catcher here at the store, so we figured it’d be a good idea to ask our Macedonian friend for a contribution to our mix series. The result? One hour of downright bangers, straight outta’ Balkan.

PMX006 | Arkajo
In a delusional trip towards your Plata Morgana, tribal drums can be heard in the distance. Through the leafy jungle that lies ahead of you it becomes more and more apparent: this is Arkajo.

PMX005 | Perill
It took store-employee Perill more than two years to arrive at his home planet again. Now he finally dwells in his very own deep sea of smooth and spacey electronics.

PMX004 | Kaap
He’s one of the nicest guys in the industry and has been on a roll as of late, with one release after the other comin’ in hot. Head honcho of the YIELD record label and part of the live act and record label Working Titles.. This guy breathes music and his latest recording reflects this perfectly. For the fourth instalment of our mix series, this is Kaap.

PMX003 | Roger Gerressen
Oh boy! Up next, Plata favourite and one of the smoothest DJ’s around: Yoyaku’s very own Roger Gerressen. Known for that constantly-on-repeat, never-leaves-the-bag Novio Dub Tribe record and his new Irenic label, which recently gave birth to his latest release ‘Yauch’.

Listen and find out why he is one of our favourites.

PMX002 | Mark Antoni
Dearest listeners, a little over a month has gone by since our first mix saw daylight. To us it deemed fitting to continue the series with a locally bred talent. He is currently making some serious moves in Amsterdam, where he recently picked up a residency at club Radion. He is the owner of the outstanding Lonely Planets records which he runs together with ALEKS. Vinylist by heart and a supporter of the store since the first hour, we present to you: Mark Antoni. Hit that play button and make sure to follow us on Soundcloud.

PMX001 | Plata Crew
8.5 hours of non-stop B2B finesse with the Plata Crew recorded live at Plata Morgana (formerly known as Seventy Eight Records) x Pilzkiste on 07-10-2017.

DJ’s featured:
– Tommen
– henna.essa
– Ben Fata
– Mattias
– Flatspot
– Perill


MIXED GRILL 2. – Jonas San & Gabriel Guevara
Second ‘Mixed Grill’ served by Jonas San and Gabriel Guevara.
Chef’s special with Bratwurst und Burrito and a bit of everything on the side.

First ‘Mixed Grill’ served by YĪN YĪN.
As crunchy and tasty as a ‘Loempidel’.