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PLATA MORGANA is not trying to reinvent the wheel, we embrace the cliches… after all, trying to be different is a cliche in itself, as is this statement.


2016: Ben Fata has an idea
2016: Start record store 78 Records
2016: First instore with Blazej Malinowski
2016: henna.essa brings rijstevlaai to the store

2017: First record store romance (T+H)
2017: Flatspot unknowingly comes up with our future brand name whilst having a great time at Thuishaven
2017: Pilzkiste 12 hours party

2018: First podcast
2018: 78 Records became Plata Morgana
2018: Parcours block party
2018: Plata Crew at Radion Weekender
2018: Plata Pop-Up Koestraat

2019: Closing record store
2019: Start Plata Morgana Enterprises
2019: Start clothing label with first drop -> Buy Here
2019: Plata Crew at ADE
2019: Second Clothing Drop: Plata Morgana Rainbow Club Sweater -> Buy Here

2020: Third Clothing Drop: PMRC2 Shirts -> Buy Here
2020: TBA: Start Plata Morgana Recordlabel ︎

2021: Plata Morgana Rainbow Club Hoooooodiess -> Soon Available

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